The plan during my escape…

I have escaped the corporate rat race!

Well perhaps escaped is the wrong word given I did not get to do a dramatic final resignation speech at work, “I’m resigning because this place is a waste of my time and my talent!!” cue sweeping all the papers off my desk and a dash for the exit, and I don’t think anybody is looking for me, desperately pleading for my return to the corporate world. In fact I ended up scuttling out, shrugging apologetically that I needed some time off work to properly heal my arm, which aggravatingly has been out of action for nearly 6 months due to an overuse injury (RSI) mainly due to the type of data-heavy spreadsheet work I was previously doing.

But in any case, I have escaped. Not quite unharmed, but with (most) of my mental facilities intact. For how long, I do not know. It will all depend on how long I can lay low at my parents’ house in Brussels without raising their suspicions that “Aha! You can type again! You must apply for every job going or else you will become a burden on society (and not to mention us) and we will give you up to THE RAT AUTHORITIES!!”

Which is of course a perfectly valid point, and I do not want to become a burden on anybody, but after not being to use my arm for any of the things that I like doing for so long, I do not want to go back to creating impeccable spreadsheets quite yet.

So. While I am laying low in my island paradise hideout also known as Belgium, I intend to become an ARTISTE.

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