For a period of about 6 months (March – August) this year I did almost no drawing or painting because of the pain in my arms. I was still continuing to work, but having to dictate emails to an intern (who was absolutely lovely and put up with my mood swings and terrible frustration at not being able to do anything very well!) , and usually only working half days because it was so impossible for me to use a computer. After struggling along like this for what seemed like ages I decided to quit instead of just taking a few months unpaid leave. Possibly  that was not the most sensible decision, but I just couldn’t face going back somewhere where I had been in so much pain and not exactly been the most chipper person in the office. I can’t count the number of times I ended up dashing out to go cry in the bathrooms, it was awful.

This drawing (of Bristol – where I spent a very happy 6 months living!) was the first thing I have been able to sketch in a long time. It took me a solid 2 hours, and then I couldn’t use my arm the rest of the day, it was so knackered.

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