The perils of having RSI

Before I got RSI* I thought that it would just hurt when you used a computer. After 6 months of near constant pain, which was sometimes so bad I struggled to eat breakfast because my cereal spoon was too heavy for me to lift, I can confidently say that unfortunately I was wrong.

This cartoon (which I’ve only been able to draw after 2 months of being off work resting) sums up my experience- I must have been a complete nightmare to work with! (Ayumi, Richard, Sabrina, Julia I am so sorry!)

If you know somebody with RSI, give them a two week to two month PAID holiday so they can get better, or failing that cook them dinner, carry their shopping, and give them a hug.

*RSI – Repetitive Strain/Stress Injury- this is a very blanket term that covers a wide range of conditions. An ‘overuse’ injury is another commonly used term. I specifically have extensor muscle fascia pain in my right and left forearms

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