London tripping

I’ve been in London for a few days to see the doctor, so not much art has been going on recently. My hand therapist says she can definitely tell my muscles have gotten bigger since she last saw me in October, but that they are still a little tight. So that’s good news, I just need to get better at doing my strengthening exercises as I still don’t have the endurance to be able to do everything I would need to be able to do in a normal day (as opposed to a day in my life in Belgium where the most strenuous part of my day arm-wise is trying to pet both cats at the same time in case one gets jealous).

In honour of my trip I’ve done this watercolour today, which is based on a photo I found  by Duncan ( ) . View from the Shard

Now that I’m back in Belgium for a solid 5 and a bit weeks the plan is to:

1)Do 15 more postcard watercolours (if anyone has some photo suggestions for me to copy let me know!)

2) 5 cartoons

3) 2 Acrylic paintings

4) 5 illustrations for a childrens book I’ve been trying to write for years but has badly stalled due to a plot crisis

5) 5 portrait sketches


It feels good to have a plan.


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