Messing around with Portraits

Day 5 of wearing my tracksuit bottoms. I’ve been messing around with portraits, using what is fast becoming my favourite medium – watercolours. They are (in order of appearance) a sketch of my friends at Amandas baby shower, my sister and her friend on a night out (I think it actually looks like my sister, high five me) and then one of halloween last year when I met G. We were both wearing Johnny Depp character costumes, it was like it was meant to be (he was Jack Sparrow, and you cant really tell because I dont have my gloves on, but I was Edward Scissorhands). The song ‘Trouble’ best describes what was our brief relationship, and you know your love life is dire when it can be summed up by Taylor Swift lyrics. The next one is of my friends Catherine and Simons beautiful new baby Lucy Rose.

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