4 months on.. RSI update

I can now do 20 lengths of a 33m pool

I can paint/draw for 3-4 hours per day.

I’m not sure how much typing I can do, but I do feel a lot more comfortable using a computer to update this blog, search the internet and write messages to friends- 4 months ago I could only stand about 15 min or so, but now its up to a couple of hours.

I managed to cope with doing the pantomime and the throwing my arms around that that entailed.

I can also do the dishes and help more around the house which I think mum is pretty pleased about!

And HIGH FIVE I can now hold a wine glass in one hand instead of two!!!

I’m still not sure I could handle a full time office job yet, but I think I’m at the stage where I could start searching for one… but I may leave that till the beginning of next year.. .(ahem)



My Top RSI Tips:

(Bearing in mind I am not in any way a doctor, but given that the hand consultant I saw in Londons advice was to learn how to paint with my left hand and every piece of art I’ve done on this blog since has been with my right,  doctors can be overrated. He also kindly offered to refer me to a psychiatrist for the stress and depression I was feeling – most of which had been generated by him)

1)From a better doctor than I had or a good physio/hand therapist find out exactly where the pain is coming from and what type of actions are causing it. I thought mine was in my wrists because it hurt when I did things like typing or using the mouse, but the hand therapist I saw could actually feel the twists and lumps that were in the extensor muscles of my forearm that support my wrists. Knowing that that was where the main problem was and that someone could feel the problem and that it wasn’t in my head (which had terrified me)  really helped. The hand therapist then gave me some good stretches to try and smooth out those muscles and used deep tissue massage and ultrasound to try to relax them.

2) Complete rest until the pain has stopped, and then a very gentle step by step build up of activity. Physio throughout the resting and build up of strength I have also found useful.

3) Flexium gel and Biofreeze are very good for pain management. And then I’ve found using a heat rub gel when the muscles feel tight but not sore has also been helpful.

4) Wear wrist splits at night. I wish I’d done this from the start, but it was only my physio in Belgium who suggested it when I started seeing her a couple of months ago. I find that when I do my arms feel properly rested when i wake up (I tend to fold them up in awkward positions when I sleep otherwise). I don’t do it all the time now, just when I’ve had a particularly busy day.





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