Growl! I’m feeling a little bit unchristmassy this evening because I’ve been away in England for a week and its made my arms worse again… Well not really bad, they are just knackered, they feel like your legs feel the day after doing a massive run , all tight and painful to move. I think it was because I was using a wheely suitcase and I thought I would be strong enough to use it by now but evidently not, and dragging it behind me and up and down steps at tube stations has just been all too much. And then today I’ve been drawing Dad a cartoon because otherwise all I have to give him tomorrow is a book on Lake District walks as the parents are moving up north next year and so now they are feeling completely dead. And my splints are giving me a rash on my wrists and just AAARGH!!!!

This is the cartoon i drew for Dad:

And here is the one I drew for my friend Hugo as he is missing playing a villain in a pantomime:

Life of a Repressed Pantomime Baron
Life of a Repressed Pantomime Baron










And ha now I’m feeling much more full of the joys of Christmas after a family game of giant cards!!!

Merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas!!

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