Big Night Out (BNO)

I’ve now been off work for nearly 5 months which is a little bit scary. I don’t miss it at all (dad is on a conference call at the moment that is vividly reminding me of how much I dislike conference calls and how little it is possible to achieve during a conference call)  except for the people-so it was so nice to see them on a night out in December!* Richard made me promise to do a painting of him and Ayumi that they posed for..

Weirdly I think I am more productive since I have stopped working (well more productive in terms of things that I want to achieve, but er not so much in monetary terms) and much happier as a result. It’s very satisfying finishing the day knowing I created something that before did not exist, even if its not quite as I wanted it to turn out in most cases!

*I have to wear my splints when dancing because I get somewhat enthusiastic on the dance floor.

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