RSI Update and some paintings.. 5 Months on

Its now been 5 months since I quit my job and have been at home rehabilitating my arms through the power of art (not recommended by physios) .

I can now paint for a lot longer period and my arms have noticeably more muscle, but the thought of picking up anything heavy is still unthinkable. And when I recently went to London and dragged my wheelie suitcase around behind me, I started getting that nagging pain in my forearms again that didn’t stop for a couple of weeks afterwards. So I am still incapable of holidaying alone, doing a big shop, or going bowling, which is a bit of a bummer.

I’m also still not sure I could cope with a full day in the office and the amount of typing and mouse clicking that would entail. I suppose the only way to find out is have a few practice days (anyone got some work they’d like me to do? I’m a whiz at conditionally formatting spreadsheets?), but the real problem is I have absolutely no interest in working for anybody else again.

Er.. which leads to the obvious financial problem of how to support myself. Which I am thinking about in between painting postcards and drawing cartoons (don’t worry mum, I won’t be living with you forever!).

Anyway.. I think I’m still improving arm strength wise, so although ideally I’d have liked to be ‘better’ by now I’m still feeling positive and loving 2014 so far. And high five, I managed to paint both this acrylic of New Yorks skyline and half of this one of Edinburgh castle today (about 4 – 5 hours of painting) which would have been impossible for me 5 months ago.

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