I’m BACK!!! in Belgium… painting Sitges

Finally I’m back to la Belge! I’ve been in Strasbourg, Singapore, Australia, Sitges and er, Epsom over the past 6 weeks, seeing friends, travelling and going on a fairly epic hen do.

I probably shouldn’t have gone on such a big trip whilst unemployed given the current lack of income situation (ahem), but I booked the Singapore and Aus trip back in October when I was sure that by April my arms would be better and I’d had such an awful previous six months  that I needed something to look forward to.  And it was a bloody good trip, I’m so happy I got to go and see Nina and Bruce out in Brissy and revisit Singers where I used to live when I was small, and catch up with friends abroad that I haven’t seen in ages, and I got so much inspiration for places that I want to paint that it was totally worth it!

Now it’s just time to get down to it and paint again… I was quite worried when I started yesterday that I would totally have forgotten how and that it would take a while for my arm to get used to that type of movement but it seems to be going alright so far.

I’m going backwards through my trip for inspiration starting with Sitges where the hen do took place…


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