A day making copies… and one original Skull

I’ve decided to ease my way back into my artathon by copying a few paintings from other artists. A painting by Maurice Gollota called ‘Colourful Life’ caught my eye while I was in Australia watching the Block, (a home renovation show that is MASSIVE out there) and so I tried to copy that one, and I’ve done a version of the skulls that I used to draw way back when I was doing my art A.S. level at school in a similar colour scheme.

I’ve also copied a few short-listed paintings for my friend Kieran and his housemates Ben and Benoit  who have promised to donate to my JustGiving page (raising money for UNICEF) if I do! I hope these are up to your standards boys. If anyone knows who the original paintings 118 and 119 are by let me know!

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