Cash is King

A rant. Because if you can’t rant on your own personal blog where can you rant?

I’ve been following some of the media coverage on the debate over Lord Falconers assisted dying bill and been getting somewhat upset and irate. I fall into the supporting dying with dignity camp for a variety of reasons, but the one that makes me angry and has inspired today’s painting is how hypocritical it is to argue about  the preciousness of life in our society.

Apparently it would be a change in our moral landscape if we allow the bill on assisted dying to pass. What moral landscape? Oh yes, that one in which we all like to think that we believe in the sanctity of life and yet live in complete opposition to that principle.

If life is precious why do we still have the production and consumption of cigarettes? Why do we allow sugar-sweetened beverages to be advertised to children when ONE CAN usually contains more sugar than the daily does an adult male should have, and excess sugar leads to diabetes and heart disease? Why do we allow the marketing of alcohol as if it is going to get you friends, laid, an amazing lifestyle and sporting prowess when it does absolutely none of those things but instead causes liver disease? Why do we walk past homeless people on the street?  Why do we continue with our merry dance of mindless consumerism which equals pollution, which equals nasty deaths for plants, animals and people in the nearby vicinity of the factories that produce all the things we buy and places we dump it when its become obsolete , and slower deaths for everyone else who has to breath in smog filled air , eat food that is not really food and drink  contaminated water and deal with the consequences of climate change?

Life is cheap. Money is what’s important, as multi-national corporations  prove  by being rewarded for damaging human and environmental health everyday.

The way that we live now it is completely hypocritical that in order for us to continue to be able to pretend to ourselves we have the moral high ground and believe in the sanctity of life  that we deny people who are in incredible pain the right to choose when to die.  Why should the people who are suffering daily from a terminal illness be the only ones who have to adhere to the principle of the preciousness of life?

Cash is King. Long live the King. The rest of us, well…

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