#catsofwordpress and an RSI update/rant..

I’ve had a minibreak in Champagne so I’m now just warming back up slowly into the Artathon. My physio is concerned that if I keep on painting and taking French lessons my arms are going to stall at their current level of ability (maybe 65% of normal arm function? It’s hard to quantify, I can do most things except lift heavy objects, I just can’t do them for very long periods of time without pain afterwards) , because I won’t be able to start the strengthening part of the healing process while I am still experiencing pain. Which is very true, I haven’t been very good at doing my exercises regularly with the weights (all of 0.5kg!) because I only want to do them when I’m not in any pain. So I don’t know what to do, painting is what keeps me sane and I want to complete the artathon challenge I’ve set myself, and I need to learn French and it’s difficult to do that without writing anything down. SIGH. I suppose I can stop pissing around on the computer so much (my posts will get even shorter than before!) and send my friends voice messages instead of typed ones, and once I’ve completed the Artathon I can take a break from painting and French for a solid month over Christmas and into January and concentrate on doing my exercises and going swimming and getting my arms back to their full strength before I paint again… AAARRRRGH it’s so frustrating!!!

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