Winner of my fundraising draw……

…….is Julia!! Whooo!!! You may choose any postcard you like (see galleries here and here ), send me your address and I will post it to you!

Thank you so so much to everybody who sponsored me, your support was amazing and helped to push me on to the finish! This is a thank you video from UNICEF to tell you where your donations have ended up and the much needed help they have provided to children around the world:

And you can still donate on my Just Giving site  if you forgot last year or didn’t think I’d finish (!)  but there is no more lucky draw, sorry. You snooze you lose!

Some of my favourite postcards…..


Lucky Draw Method (in case anyone is curious or doubts my impartiality!)

1) I created a table with the list of the 28 names of people who had sponsored me

2) I used this site to generate a random number between 1 and 28.

3) The number generated was 19, and Julia was my 19th sponsor… so hey presto!

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