Christening present

Helloooooooo! It’s been a million years since I’ve last blogged – well 6 months but it feels like a lifetime since le bebe has arrived and TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. In a nice way. And definitely a very time consuming way… she’s currently sitting in her chair and playing with one of her animals so I calculate I now have 5 minutes to finish this post, before she gets bored and starts grumbling and then we may have to go on one of our many walks around the ponds.

The only drawing I’ve managed to do is a christening present as a commission for a friend who is giving it to her nephew. He is Texan born and his father grew up on a ranch, but his mother is from Lancashire so the cartoon I’ve done connects both sides of his heritage!

Definite increase in the noise level from little one… SIGH.

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