F@#k driverless cars…wouldn’t an amazing public transport system be better?


This makes me angry. Google, a company that makes billions and pays very little tax anywhere in the world on some kind of weird legalised quid pro quo that they are supposedly  investing millions in new technology that will benefit us all, is promising us driverless cars.

Um…why are we still making cars ???? Even the ones that were supposed to have lower carbon emissions were rigged and are actually poisoning us even more with NOx emissions. People shouldn’t have to choose between cycling to work and risking their lives, expensive yet still poorly maintained (or non-existent) public transport or driving to work and sitting in miles of traffic jams all the while breathing in other cars diesel fumes through their cars ventilation systems.

Touting driverless cars and electric cars as solutions to our air pollution problems (not to mention our climate change problems) are like applying a band-aid to a gangrenous limb.  Unless they can carry large amounts of people along set, well maintained routes to ensure safety (i.e. A TRAM) they are an expensive diversion that mean we still design the places we live around cars, pollution increases, asthma and cancer rates go up and in the increasingly not so distant future we render our planet uninhabitable.

So Google, how about you pay your taxes so governments can invest that money in building public transport infrastructure that everyone can actually benefit from?

I’m not clicking on any advertisement that you promote until you do.


One response to “F@#k driverless cars…wouldn’t an amazing public transport system be better?”

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