Local Cartooning Course

In late September I started doing an evening cartooning course at the local community centre. At first there was just myself, the teacher and an eleven year old boy called Emile, but now we are up to six students. I’m still the only adult, and don’t understand most of what the teenagers or eleven year old are saying given it’s all in French, but I can follow most of what the teacher says and it’s been really beneficial having a concentrated two hours of drawing and has helped me to focus more outside of the class too.

A great tip I learnt was that you have to dip your inking pen so far into the ink that the hole in the pen nib is fully submerged otherwise the ink doesn’t flow well, which I didn’t know before and had caused me some frustration when I couldn’t get my pen to work properly!

This was the second project for the class, choosing one of the photos the teacher had provided and creating a cartoon around it, so I decided to do something Halloween themed for my daughter.

Nightmare before Christmas
The photo I selected to create a cartoon around
Final halloween cartoon
Final cartoon. Happy Halloween!

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