About Me

Here is a list of links to the longer pieces I’ve written on my blog:

Congratulations EU Referendum, you’ve got me politically engaged for the first time in my life and now I’m a concerned housewife on the rampage (May 2016)

 Brexit and the Law of Immigration (June 2016)

Burning my corporate bridges (July 2016)

CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) letter published in their November 2016 issue.

Left Wing/Right Wing or completely off piste?  (Oct 2016)

Post Truth Politics, Trump and Airline travel (Nov 2016)

One way to stop being a neoliberal employee (Jan 2017)

 Consumer Austerity Budget. (July 2017) A mini de-growth manifesto.

My final Facebook post published in the Brussels Childbirth Trust magazine in Aug 2017 (In 2023 I’ve gone back to both which I’m not happy about – on Facebook as a ghost just for the local groups and Instagram just for my cartoons)

Should we have a second child? (Dec 2017)

Individual vs collective action (Nov 2018)

Climate Change and Individual Action (Jan 2019)

School strikes for climate (Feb 2019)

Lifestyle Carbon Emissions (Oct 2021)

Doomerism (Feb 2022)

Parenting in a climate crisis (June 2022)

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