Self PortraitMy name is Lara. At the tender age of just gone 30 (and having never been fired), I am a former project engineer, English teacher, accountant, building services engineer, technology analyst, and sustainability consultant. I have worked in a deodorant factory for one of the largest producers of consumer goods in the world, at one of the Big 4 Accountancy firms, at the largest technology consulting and outsourcing firm in the world, two of the biggest engineering consultancy firms in the world, the largest corporate real estate firm in the world, and, for one ignomious year, a tiny environmental consultancy firm in Croydon.

My C.V. is a thing to behold. I have four separate corporate pension fund accounts (one overseas) which I have no idea what to do with and a draft resignation letter primed and ready to go at all times. I am a text book case for Dr Meg Jay (Author of Your 20s the Defining Decade) , and am eagerly awaiting her follow up book which I assume will be titled “How to Rescue your 30s if you didn’t sort your life out in your 20’s and were plunged into depression upon reading my first book” .

After my rather eclectic work experience and what with suffering RSI, I decided I needed to escape from the corporate rat race, regain the full use of my arms, and embrace my creative side for a little while.

This blog shall document my artistic endeavours during my escape…

P.S During my escape I’ve managed to get myself knocked up by my wonderful boyfriend, so my time on the run from the cooperate authorities may be somewhat longer than originally anticipated…

How it feels to have RSI

Before I started suffering from RSI* I thought that it would just hurt when you used a computer.. *RSI – Repetitive Strain/Stress Injury- this is a very blanket term that covers a wide range of conditions involving upper body pain.

RSI Recovery

Between my GP and the hand consultant that I saw in London, both of whose only advice was to take Ibuprofen and wear a wrist support, it ended up being a 3 month gap from first experiencing shooting pain in my right arm and actually seeing a physiotherapist who knew anything about RSI treatment. During this time … Continue reading RSI Recovery

The Escape…

 09/08/2013 I have escaped the corporate rat race! Well perhaps escaped is the wrong word given I did not get to do a dramatic final resignation speech at work, “I’m resigning because this place is a waste of my time and my talent!!” cue sweeping all the papers off my desk and a dash for … Continue reading The Escape…

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