I have escaped the corporate rat race!

Well perhaps escaped is the wrong word given I did not get to do a dramatic final resignation speech at work, “I’m resigning because this place is a waste of my time and my talent!!” cue sweeping all the papers off my desk and a dash for the exit, and I don’t think anybody is looking for me, desperately pleading for my return to the corporate world. In fact I ended up scuttling out, shrugging apologetically that I needed some time off work to properly heal my arm, which aggravatingly had been out of action for nearly 6 months due to an overuse injury (RSI) mainly due to the type of data-heavy spreadsheet work I was doing.

But in any case, I have escaped. Not quite unharmed, but with (most) of my mental facilities intact. For how long, I do not know. It will all depend on how long I can lay low in my island paradise hideout also known as Brussels avoiding the corporate rat authorities and if I can become an ARTISTE…..


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