New Years Eve trip

At the end of 2020 we took a little trip to Beauraing in the Ardennes and stayed in a little self-catered apartment attached to the owner’s main home. I don’t think we will ever stay there again as the layout made it quite tricky with the girls and none of us were able to sleep well, but it did at least make us appreciate getting back home to our house when previously we’d been feeling quite cooped up at home! Roll on 2021..

Cartoon diary

One of my new years resolutions is to continue doing a sketch a day in my diary…hoping this year they will be less covid lockdown related more painting and climate action related!


Our second daughter Isabel doesn’t often get called Isabel..

January guests

Way way back in BC time (Before Corona) my friend Elly visited us with her daughter Sophie who is only five days older than Peach. I’ve been meaning to draw this cartoon of the visit ever since.

Trip to the Belgian coast

We had a few days on the Belgian coast during my daughter’s half term holiday. It was really nice to see the sea, and I would highly recommend the farm that we stayed on vakantiehoeve ‘t Goed ter Leeuwen. We’re going to go back in February again, and ha this time try not to accidentally let the goats out of their pen!