Doom scrolling

Doom scrolling

There is a lot of weird downtime with parenting a two and a half year old when you don’t know when you are next going to be needed but it is probably going to be in the next five to ten minutes and so actually scrolling through Twitter is just about the only thing you can do (or at least this is what I tell myself- maybe I should be practising being ‘fully present’ but ha who can do that anymore?).

De-growth and job interviews..

Back in April 2021 I had my first job interview in 7 years for a Sustainability Consultant role in a new Sustainability division that the company was setting up.

I was not the successful candidate, and I know I still wouldn’t have been had I said what I wish I’d said in my cartoon, but given the number of advertisements for similar roles on LinkedIn that I see at the moment it’s something that companies need to wake up to!

Happy 70th to my Dad!

My parents live in the Lake District and hike obsessively. In a calendar year (Feb 2021-Feb 2022) they managed to climb all 217 of Wainwright peaks aged 67 and 69!

Dad’s 70th Birthday card

This is the picture I drew for my Dad, and I’ve used to make it into a large personalized card. I’m interested to see how well it prints out and whether it’s something I can do for other people in the future!

Signs I need as a pedestrian

Being a pedestrian in Brussels is infuriating. The combination of constantly having to dodge dog poo and dangerously driven tax free company cars makes me feel that instead of mouthing swear words at SUV drivers I need actual signs in multiple languages!

The signs I need as a pedestrian (Rue au Bois, Brussels)

And yes, it is a systemic problem that we have designed our cities around cars, and it is sometimes very difficult to make certain journeys safely without them BUT there is a lot more many of us could be doing to cut down on our driving and to drive more safely when we do drive, and quite possibly a small reminder/regular guilt trip over the amount of air pollution we are causing each time we drive would be no bad thing- I know I need it.