Cartoon sketch diary 2021

A selection of sketches from my 2021 cartoon diary. Here’s to 2022 being better!

Covid times with children

We took our two year old to a restaurant for the first time over the summer and she didn’t understand the concept at all:

This autumn/winter so far in Brussels has been extremely rainy and with the Covid situation getting steadily worse our social life has become non-existent:

Family Life

A large part of our family life is shouting things/desperately trying to hear what is being shouted up and down the staircase while one or both children has a meltdown. I have no idea what people with big houses do!

Also I’m not sure how much it’s pandemic related or how much it just is the reality of living with two small children, but it is probably not ideal that my idea of bliss at the moment is being able to do the dishes in peace whilst watching trashy TV (at the moment I’m re-watching the entirety of Grey’s Anatomy. It is my Everest to complete this task).

Since this conversation my husband and I have implemented a strict Dishwashing /Bath and getting ready for bed rotation schedule so that neither of us feels like we are missing out on the zen of dishwashing!

Malmedy Nov 2021

Ah, family holidays, always so relaxing! This photo pretty much summed up the holiday, grey skies but beautiful autumn colours in the valley, and two very uncooperative children!

I did another version of the painting after speaking to my art teacher and listening to his advice on how to create depth with watercolours: