Wear a mask

My hypochondria anxiety levels have been going through the roof over the past 6 months as presumably so have everybody’s. I’m feeling better right now, but during April/May I felt quite breathless a lot of the time – no idea if I had a really mild case of Covid or if it was all in my head. Wearing a mask and taking care with social distancing and meeting friends outside helps with my anxiety about the whole situation.

Leaving Gifts

During lockdown I couldn’t do anything art wise because looking after the kids was all consuming, but in June Belgium suddenly announced that schools would reopen and so I had a period of a month before the summer holidays to do a few things for friends.

Leaving gift for Denise

Lockdown working from home

So… everything has changed since my last post in February. I find it hard to concentrate on TV shows or movies now because everything they are doing has this extra layer of unreality to it. Having your extended family round for a holiday meal? ARE YOU INSANE??? Going out to a restaurant WHAT IS THIS 2019??? Brushing past a stranger and not flipping out DUDE, ARE YOU TRYING TO CATCH CORONA?

In some ways with the two children and that being it’s own form of lockdown (it’s not like I would’ve been out clubbing or drinking or even to a restaurant more than a handful of times this year anyway) I think its been easier for us than for others, but then again trying to keep the two of them alive and well at the same time as my husband tries to get some work from home done with no outside help has been a total nightmare.