Hong Kong dreams

I love Hong Kong. I lived there for a year, and I don’t just miss my friends out there, (most of them have come back to London now anyway) I miss the city itself. I feel I need to go back to check that I can still climb up Lantau and Sunset peak, walk up the twins, make it to my favourite beach out in Sai Kung, do jelly shots at Als bar and eat so much dim sum it physically hurts. 10 xiao long bao please!!

Hong Kong Nov 2013
Hong Kong Nov 2013

Messing around with Portraits

Day 5 of wearing my tracksuit bottoms. I’ve been messing around with portraits, using what is fast becoming my favourite medium – watercolours. They are (in order of appearance) a sketch of my friends at Amandas baby shower, my sister and her friend on a night out (I think it actually looks like my sister, high five me) and then one of halloween last year when I met G. We were both wearing Johnny Depp character costumes, it was like it was meant to be (he was Jack Sparrow, and you cant really tell because I dont have my gloves on, but I was Edward Scissorhands). The song ‘Trouble’ best describes what was our brief relationship, and you know your love life is dire when it can be summed up by Taylor Swift lyrics. The next one is of my friends Catherine and Simons beautiful new baby Lucy Rose.

Weekly cartoon (early this week)


I saw this guy in bar a couple of months ago, we made eye contact and smiled at each other a few times and so as I was leaving I gave him a receipt with my number written on it. Anyway, we have been texting and went on a couple of dates when I was in London (yes the number on a receipt method works!!), but given the nature of my current situation (unable to work and living at home with my parents in Belgium ) things have inevitably fizzled out. Deleting him from facebook and other such technological entanglements is a chore i have been so far unable to face, so I’d quite like a DESTRUCTOR app which you could just press to delete a contact from EVERYTHING.

Bath Christmas Market

Gutted I can’t make it to Bath Christmas markets this year because I’m in a pantomime (I’m Jill in Jack and the Beanstalk – to book your tickets go to:¬†http://ecc.theatreinbrussels.com/?page_id=736¬†) , but this is last years trip and the watercolour I did today of Bath.

Weekly cartoon

Thought of the day
Thought of the day

I used to take the Northern line of the London underground to/from Clapham nearly every day until I became one of those crazy born again cyclists. I did like the ‘Thought of the day’ messages at the stations, although sometimes they were of dubious inspirational value.


Yesterday I had to take a day off from drawing because my right arm had started hurting again. So I spent the day in a state of ennui (not helped by binge watching The Returned – my French is terrible except for when it comes to discussing le zombies and death which I haven’t found to be terribly useful living in Belgium so far … MELODRAMATIC SIGH .. ‘mais je suis morte…’) , and took these rather depressing¬†selfies on my webcam. I quite like the watercolour versions.

Scottish Harbour (the acrylic version)

Lizzie you better be happy- this is the acrylic version of the watercolour I did a while ago from one of your holiday snaps:

I started using more water in my acrylic paint mix towards the end (I paint from left to right), which I think looks better, and it makes it easier on my arm to paint.