For a period of about 6 months (March – August) this year I did almost no drawing or painting because of the pain in my arms. I was still continuing to work, but having to dictate emails to an intern (who was absolutely lovely and put up with my mood swings and terrible frustration at not being able to do anything very well!) , and usually only working half days because it was so impossible for me to use a computer. After struggling along like this for what seemed like ages I decided to quit instead of just taking a few months unpaid leave. Possibly  that was not the most sensible decision, but I just couldn’t face going back somewhere where I had been in so much pain and not exactly been the most chipper person in the office. I can’t count the number of times I ended up dashing out to go cry in the bathrooms, it was awful.

This drawing (of Bristol – where I spent a very happy 6 months living!) was the first thing I have been able to sketch in a long time. It took me a solid 2 hours, and then I couldn’t use my arm the rest of the day, it was so knackered.

Plymouth Harbour (For Caroline)

My beautiful friend Caroline asked me to paint a photo of Plymouth Harbour (near where she now lives) for her birthday. I finally finished it at the beginning of this year, making it the last painting I did before I started suffering from RSI.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf 2012
Canary Wharf 2012

After going through a somewhat traumatizing break-up, I picked up my paints for the first time in ages and did a copy of a card I’d bought in Greenwich market. It started badly (I did the island in the middle first), but I really like how the background turned out, and in a fit of enthusiasm I went out and bought another 5 canvases when I finished it which I have still yet to use!


After living in Hong Kong for a year or so I decided it was time to go back to the U.K. (for a variety of reasons none of which make any sense now). I got a job working for a large technology consulting firm which shall remain nameless but they did send you to Chicago for 2 weeks ‘training’ which was amazing.. Chicago(2010)

Hong Kong Years

After doing my Msc at Imperial College, I started work in Hong Kong for an engineering consultancy firm. I did a number of drawings during this time (mostly of dragons which I am obsessed with) but the only painting I did was during Artjam in 2009.

I took Artjamming more seriously than most (Hugh’s Easter Island painting was hilarious), and quite like the final product:

Blast from the past

This is a sample of artwork I did whilst at school.. more than (ahem) 10 years ago now. It was part of my art AS level coursework. I used to draw photos of my friends then simplify them into more abstract pictures.

The plan during my escape…

I have escaped the corporate rat race!

Well perhaps escaped is the wrong word given I did not get to do a dramatic final resignation speech at work, “I’m resigning because this place is a waste of my time and my talent!!” cue sweeping all the papers off my desk and a dash for the exit, and I don’t think anybody is looking for me, desperately pleading for my return to the corporate world. In fact I ended up scuttling out, shrugging apologetically that I needed some time off work to properly heal my arm, which aggravatingly has been out of action for nearly 6 months due to an overuse injury (RSI) mainly due to the type of data-heavy spreadsheet work I was previously doing.

But in any case, I have escaped. Not quite unharmed, but with (most) of my mental facilities intact. For how long, I do not know. It will all depend on how long I can lay low at my parents’ house in Brussels without raising their suspicions that “Aha! You can type again! You must apply for every job going or else you will become a burden on society (and not to mention us) and we will give you up to THE RAT AUTHORITIES!!”

Which is of course a perfectly valid point, and I do not want to become a burden on anybody, but after not being to use my arm for any of the things that I like doing for so long, I do not want to go back to creating impeccable spreadsheets quite yet.

So. While I am laying low in my island paradise hideout also known as Belgium, I intend to become an ARTISTE.