Holiday Map Cartoons

I haven’t done it for every holiday I’ve been on, but for many of them I’ve tried to do a cartoon map that sums up the trip.

In 2018 I cut down to flying only once per year, and in 2019 stopped flying altogether (because I realised how bad it was in terms of immediate noise and air pollution and how much of an impact it has on climate change) so the destinations have become less exotic, but it really doesn’t matter when you are with friends or family, and it’s been nice to explore Belgium properly.

Paris March 2023
Boulogne-sur-mer Feb 2023
Willingen, Germany Nov 2022
Summer 2022 Tour of UK
De Haan May 2022
Easter UK trip April 2022
De Haan Belgian coast – our third trip here Sept 2021
Profondville Belgium Aug 2021
Tulderheyde Belgium July 2021
Paliseul Belgium May 2021
Butgenbach Belgium April 2021
De Haan Belgian Coast Feb 2021
Beauraing Belgium New Years Eve 2020
Belgian Coast Nov 2020
Malmedy, Belgium Aug 2019
De Heen, Holland March 2019
Piemonte Italy August 2018 (our last flight)
Zuiderduin Holland May 2018
Ardennes  Feb 2018
Ardennes Feb 2018
Scheveningen Jan 2018
Netherlands Jan 2018
Albania Nov 2017
IMG_20171004_104213 (1)
Lizzies Hen Up North  UK Sept 2017
Poppy’s hen do Holland Feb 2017
Centerparcs Zandvoort Holland August 2016
Albania trip June 2016
Pagel France trip May 2016
Ardennes trip Feb 2016
Tenerife Nov 2015
Australia Holiday
Aus 2014
Dont quote me on this.. Brussels 2013
Berlin holiday
Team Berlin Flourishing Sept 2013
Tour of desserts Aug 2013
4 Blondes in Morocco Nov 2012
Croatia 2011
Croatia trip Summer 2011
China trip with Mike Oct 2010
Chiquago June 2010
Cambodia 2009
intrepid gang in Cambodia 2009

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