Australia Part 1:Bondi Beach and the Blue Mountains

On Bondi Beach it pissed it down while I was there, except for my last morning when I had an hour of gorgeous sunshine to wander down to the beach and feel guilty that I wasn’t doing yoga like everyone else who was there at 7am. Then I got stuck in the clouds in theContinue reading “Australia Part 1:Bondi Beach and the Blue Mountains”

A day making copies… and one original Skull

I’ve decided to ease my way back into my artathon by copying a few paintings from other artists. A painting by Maurice Gollota called ‘Colourful Life’ caught my eye while I was in Australia watching the Block, (a home renovation show that is MASSIVE out there) and so I tried to copy that one, and I’ve doneContinue reading “A day making copies… and one original Skull”

Wedding art..

I’ve just survived a double wedding weekend whammy (as in one friend got married the weekend before last, and another got married last weekend- both were absolutely gorgeous ceremonies in Oxford and Goudhurst, Kent respectively), I’ve done a wedding map for a friends wedding invitations (big event happens later in June), a hen do cartoonContinue reading “Wedding art..”

View from the terrace in Brussels

Yesterday was beautiful here in Brussels so I sat out on the terrace and tried to draw the view. I really need to get another scanner because photographing my postcards with my iphone isn’t working terribly well (yes I am going to blame my tools and not my rather dubious water colour skills!) , butContinue reading “View from the terrace in Brussels”