Newcastle.. the toon

These are two postcards of the ‘toon, inspired by my Geordie friend Haty, who does many entertaining podcasts on training and fitness (which you would think would go over my head given my inability to lift anything whatsoever but motivation wise in terms of doing anything they are very good: )

Artathon Milestone – 50 POSTCARDS!!!

Today I painted my 50th postcard! So only 315 to go then… HELP! For motivational purposes I’d love it if you could sponsor me  through my Just Giving page   (Thank you so much to those who already have). These are my Top Ten postcards so far..

Hockneys Pictures

I bought the book ‘Hockney’s Pictures’ published by Thames&Hudson last year and its BEAUTIFUL. Looking at the pictures gives me that deep contented feeling and I love some of his quotes about art e.g. ‘ I have always believed that art should be a deep pleasure. I think there is a contradiction in an artContinue reading “Hockneys Pictures”