Best weekend I’ve had in 15 years..

In 2010 while I was working up in Edinburgh, I went on a road trip to Fort William and back with a few friends. To quote Kieran, it was ‘the best weekend I’ve had in.. 15 years.’ Still not sure what happened to Kieran 15 years ago, but it was a bloody good weekend.

Chinese Railway Passengers

I’m trying to get a bit of a headstart on the artathon because I know there are going to be days this year when I’m not going to be able to do any painting at all. So this is the next 3 postcards. They are based on some beautiful photos by Wang Fuchun which IContinue reading “Chinese Railway Passengers”

St Pauls Cathedral

Inspired by my own work (What!?! I hear you cry? You are recycling your own work after only 2 days of the ¬†artathon challenge? This does not bode well! Do not fear dear blog readers I have plenty of ideas, just wanted to get painting watercolour versions of my London acrylic painting out of theContinue reading “St Pauls Cathedral”

The Challenge Begins…

Yesterday I was somewhat hungover and so I have only started on my 2014 ARTATHON challenge to paint 365 watercolour postcards today… For the first two waterolour postcards of the year I’ve painted my friends view from his terrace of the backstreets of Flagey in Brussels: I’ve got a few themes of postcards that IContinue reading “The Challenge Begins…”