Brussels Childbirth Trust

Kerry, one of the local community group leaders for the Brussels Childbirth Trust is sadly moving abroad. As part of her leaving present I drew her a cartoon of her and her family in the Grand Place:  This is how most of our local coffee morning group meetings go. Rice crackers are indispensable.  

Holiday Cartoons

My husband commented while looking at our holiday photos:  ‘Wow, it looks like we were actually having fun’. The photo version of our holiday in Pagel (no tears or tantrums from any family member): And the more realistic cartoon version: Photo version of centerparcs holiday in Zandvoort: More realistic cartoon version:

The old private school/state school debate in the modern age..

   I will not be sending my daughter to private school. Not because I can lay claim to any principles, or because on a more practical level I cannot afford to, or because I intend to join a bumfight to get into a good schools catchment area when we return to the UK,  but becauseContinue reading “The old private school/state school debate in the modern age..”

Our Energy Dilemma

In a roundabout way this is why I think we are allowing fracking under Yorkshire despite the incontrovertible evidence of the immediate harm pollution from burning fossil fuels causes (from the smog in Beijing to gas flares in Nigeria to illegal levels of air pollution in London), and the overwhelming likelihood that carbon emissions fromContinue reading “Our Energy Dilemma”

F@#k driverless cars…wouldn’t an amazing public transport system be better?

This makes me angry. Google, a company that makes billions and pays very little tax anywhere in the world on some kind of weird legalised quid pro quo that they are supposedly  investing millions in new technology that will benefit us all, is promising us driverless cars. Um…why are we still making cars ???? EvenContinue reading “F@#k driverless cars…wouldn’t an amazing public transport system be better?”

RSI update.. 3 years on

It’s been nearly 3 years since I first started experiencing pain in my arms, which I attribute to my data heavy computer based job at the time and my cycling every day, swimming three times a week, moving house and packing boxes, using a ridiculous mini laptop for my home computer use that made meContinue reading “RSI update.. 3 years on”