Day tripping inspiration.. Zeeland and Antwerp

I haven’t posted recently because I’ve been on a mini break to Westduin in Zeeland, had my friend Elly to stay and been day-tripping with her to Antwerp and off to Stone to see Ro in England. Zeeland is very gorgeous with its low flat farmland that you can get amazing views of from theContinue reading “Day tripping inspiration.. Zeeland and Antwerp”

Do over day… (copying more masterpieces)

There have been a few postcards that I’ve done for my artathon (sponsor me here! ) that I haven’t been entirely satisfied with, so today I’ve done some replacement ones that I’ve copied from some of my favourite painters – Picasso, Hockney , Derain, and Rousseau.  I’m up to 81 postcards out of 365 now, whoop!

Hockneys Pictures

I bought the book ‘Hockney’s Pictures’ published by Thames&Hudson last year and its BEAUTIFUL. Looking at the pictures gives me that deep contented feeling and I love some of his quotes about art e.g. ‘ I have always believed that art should be a deep pleasure. I think there is a contradiction in an artContinue reading “Hockneys Pictures”