RSI update.. 3 years on

It’s been nearly 3 years since I first started experiencing pain in my arms, which I attribute to my data heavy computer based job at the time and my cycling every day, swimming three times a week, moving house and packing boxes, using a ridiculous mini laptop for my home computer use that made meContinue reading “RSI update.. 3 years on”

RSI update…. 6 and a bit months on

Yikes, I have now been off work for 6 months because of the pain in my arm , and its been more than a year since the original injury!* There has been a significant improvement since I stopped working, when I could barely draw anything without getting a tight stabby pain in my right forearm, butContinue reading “RSI update…. 6 and a bit months on”

RSI Update and some paintings.. 5 Months on

Its now been 5 months since I quit my job and have been at home rehabilitating my arms through the power of art (not recommended by physios) . I can now paint for a lot longer period and my arms have noticeably more muscle, but the thought of picking up anything heavy is still unthinkable.Continue reading “RSI Update and some paintings.. 5 Months on”

First cartoon of the year.. SWIM RAGE

I go swimming a lot to try and strengthen my arms after suffering from RSI. I love swimming so its not a chore, but it does mean i must battle SWIM RAGE in the public pool fairly regularly..             I love this column by Caitlin Moran on Medium Lane swimming..


Growl! I’m feeling a little bit unchristmassy this evening because I’ve been away in England for a week and its made my arms worse again… Well not really bad, they are just knackered, they feel like your legs feel the day after doing a massive run , all tight and painful to move. I thinkContinue reading “Bah HUMBUG!!!”

Present day

Present day my escape looks something like this: My arm is slowly getting better (hence being able to type up this blog), but it gets tired so easily it limits the amount I can do everyday. So the plan is to draw/paint/type a little bit more each day to get it stronger, and me backContinue reading “Present day”

The plan during my escape…

I have escaped the corporate rat race! Well perhaps escaped is the wrong word given I did not get to do a dramatic final resignation speech at work, “I’m resigning because this place is a waste of my time and my talent!!” cue sweeping all the papers off my desk and a dash for theContinue reading “The plan during my escape…”