#catsofwordpress and an RSI update/rant..

I’ve had a minibreak in Champagne so I’m now just warming back up slowly into the Artathon. My physio is concerned that if I keep on painting and taking French lessons my arms are going to stall at their current level of ability (maybe 65% of normal arm function? It’s hard to quantify, I canContinue reading “#catsofwordpress and an RSI update/rant..”

My First Exhibition!!

My first exhibition of the below four paintings is happening tomorrow night!   They are being exhibited at my physios new office┬áCorpus Nova Studio, in Ixelles, Brussels. They will be on display there from tomorrow evening, which is the studios big opening night, until about December (depending on sales). I can’t recommend my physio SophieContinue reading “My First Exhibition!!”

RSI Treatment

After having a break of a few months from seeing any doctors and instead trying the ‘if i ignore it maybe it will get better on its own’ treatment (very holistic), I’m now having yet more physiotherapy for my arms in Brussels. Weirdly this time it seems to be working!! It involves digging around inContinue reading “RSI Treatment”

What I’m working on now.. (the Shard)

I’ve managed to start working on an acrylic painting today of the Shard. I did an hour and half or so of painting, but then my arm started hurting so thought it was best to stop and rest for a little while, and so I’ve cling-filmed up my paints (I always squeeze too much outContinue reading “What I’m working on now.. (the Shard)”