Winner of my fundraising draw……

…….is Julia!! Whooo!!! You may choose any postcard you like (see galleries here and hereĀ ), send me your address and I will post it to you! Thank you so so much to everybody who sponsored me, your support was amazing and helped to push me on to the finish! This is a thank you videoContinue reading “Winner of my fundraising draw……”

Artathon Cartoons

Some cartoons for the final strait of my artathon… Artathon postcard 362 is for my physio Sophie (who I cannot recommend enough if you have muscle pain and live in Brussels- because she is distressed at her cats lack of pigeon chasing, 363 is for my long suffering boyfriend who I met doing aContinue reading “Artathon Cartoons”

Miscellaneous do over day

To replace some of the postcards I’ve done as part of my artathon that I’m not entirely satisfied with.. Lilies- Hugo bought me roses and lilies for our anniversary, but after they had been in the living room for a day or so he realised he was allergic to the lilies in the bunch soContinue reading “Miscellaneous do over day”

Belgian Sightseeing

I had some friends staying last week and so my artathon was put on a bit of a hold, but I’ve been getting back into it over the weekend and taken inspiration from some of the things I saw with them. It’s nice being a tourist in your own country sometimes, you tend to appreciateContinue reading “Belgian Sightseeing”

Ixelles, Brussels postcards – only 100 to go!!

I love the ponds in Ixelles and these are a few postcards I’ve done of the area from above. I’ve been monitoring the progress of the six cygnets that were born this summer in the top pond and are now nearly fully grown, they are so beautiful!

#catsofwordpress and an RSI update/rant..

I’ve had a minibreak in Champagne so I’m now just warming back up slowly into the Artathon. My physio is concerned that if I keep on painting and taking French lessons my arms are going to stall at their current level of ability (maybe 65% of normal arm function? It’s hard to quantify, I canContinue reading “#catsofwordpress and an RSI update/rant..”

ARTATHON MILESTONE: 250 postcards!!

Yesterday I painted my 250th postcard! Just over a hundred to go now until I meet my 365 watercolour postcard target by the end of the year. I’d love it if you could sponsor me in this Artathon- all the money raised goes to UNICEF for its fantastic work with children around the world. ThisContinue reading “ARTATHON MILESTONE: 250 postcards!!”