Should we have a second child?

Our first child was the result of an accidental pregnancy 6 months into knowing each other, so the deliberation phase went: ‘OHHHHHHHmygodthisisallgoingfasterthanithoughitwouldbutweloveeachothersoyesletsdothis’. She arrived 3 weeks early and it felt like she wanted to be born, that she had to be part of our lives. She’s a hilarious weirdo with a penchant for stripping andContinue reading “Should we have a second child?”

One way to stop being a neoliberal employee

On paper I was practically a perfect neoliberal employee.Grew up around the world (I can live anywhere, I’m flexible and adaptable! I’m part of the international community!) speak fluent English and passable Mandarin, highly educated with a  Masters degree from Imperial College London in a numerical subject (I can problem solve rationally! I have aContinue reading “One way to stop being a neoliberal employee”

Left Wing/Right Wing or completely off piste?

I’ve been reading a lot recently, almost to the point of obsession as my daughter has been going through a good period with her napping and sleeping and there is not much else to do when you can’t leave the house. A few weeks ago my husband had a quick flick though the titles onContinue reading “Left Wing/Right Wing or completely off piste?”

Dear CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) Journal,

 I’ve been a CIBSE member for over 5 years now, and whilst I do enjoy reading the CIBSE Journal it is somewhat depressing to have the same stories come up time and time again, for example the gap between building design and performance, another government scheme that is being scrapped (Green Deal, Code for SustainableContinue reading “Dear CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) Journal,”

Brexit and the Law of Immigration

We’re leaving. A narrowly won referendum and the U.K. is leaving the EU. Despite having my own doubts about the EU,  I voted to Remain and I’m more gutted with the result than I thought I would be. I’ve lost the future I thought I would have. As a British immigrant living in Brussels, married to aContinue reading “Brexit and the Law of Immigration”

Our Energy Dilemma

In a roundabout way this is why I think we are allowing fracking under Yorkshire despite the incontrovertible evidence of the immediate harm pollution from burning fossil fuels causes (from the smog in Beijing to gas flares in Nigeria to illegal levels of air pollution in London), and the overwhelming likelihood that carbon emissions fromContinue reading “Our Energy Dilemma”

F@#k driverless cars…wouldn’t an amazing public transport system be better?

This makes me angry. Google, a company that makes billions and pays very little tax anywhere in the world on some kind of weird legalised quid pro quo that they are supposedly  investing millions in new technology that will benefit us all, is promising us driverless cars. Um…why are we still making cars ???? EvenContinue reading “F@#k driverless cars…wouldn’t an amazing public transport system be better?”

Congratulations EU Referendum, you’ve got me politically engaged for the first time in my life, and now I’m a concerned housewife on the rampage

An open letter to George Osborne and David Cameron because I’ve been listening to the EU referendum arguments and have gotten completely confused about which way to vote- and I’m university educated, young(ish-32), and I live in Brussels.  It should be a no brainer. And yet TTIP? What’s that all about? Why is lowering houseContinue reading “Congratulations EU Referendum, you’ve got me politically engaged for the first time in my life, and now I’m a concerned housewife on the rampage”