RSI update.. 3 years on

It’s been nearly 3 years since I first started experiencing pain in my arms, which I attribute to my data heavy computer based job at the time and my cycling every day, swimming three times a week, moving house and packing boxes, using a ridiculous mini laptop for my home computer use that made meContinue reading “RSI update.. 3 years on”

My Escape… 538 days on the run

You can read about the details of my escape from the corporate rate race here, and yesterday I updated my Escape cartoon so that it’s a bit clearer and in colour. So far it’s been 538 days that I’ve managed to avoid the rat authorities in my Belgian hideaway. In that time,  I’ve set upContinue reading “My Escape… 538 days on the run”

RSI Treatment

After having a break of a few months from seeing any doctors and instead trying the ‘if i ignore it maybe it will get better on its own’ treatment (very holistic), I’m now having yet more physiotherapy for my arms in Brussels. Weirdly this time it seems to be working!! It involves digging around inContinue reading “RSI Treatment”

RSI update…. 6 and a bit months on

Yikes, I have now been off work for 6 months because of the pain in my arm , and its been more than a year since the original injury!* There has been a significant improvement since I stopped working, when I could barely draw anything without getting a tight stabby pain in my right forearm, butContinue reading “RSI update…. 6 and a bit months on”

RSI Update and some paintings.. 5 Months on

Its now been 5 months since I quit my job and have been at home rehabilitating my arms through the power of art (not recommended by physios) . I can now paint for a lot longer period and my arms have noticeably more muscle, but the thought of picking up anything heavy is still unthinkable.Continue reading “RSI Update and some paintings.. 5 Months on”

4 months on.. RSI update

I can now do 20 lengths of a 33m pool I can paint/draw for 3-4 hours per day. I’m not sure how much typing I can do, but I do feel a lot more comfortable using a computer to update this blog, search the internet and write messages to friends- 4 months ago I couldContinue reading “4 months on.. RSI update”

The perils of having RSI

Before I got RSI* I thought that it would just hurt when you used a computer. After 6 months of near constant pain, which was sometimes so bad I struggled to eat breakfast because my cereal spoon was too heavy for me to lift, I can confidently say that unfortunately I was wrong. This cartoon (whichContinue reading “The perils of having RSI”

Present day

Present day my escape looks something like this: My arm is slowly getting better (hence being able to type up this blog), but it gets tired so easily it limits the amount I can do everyday. So the plan is to draw/paint/type a little bit more each day to get it stronger, and me backContinue reading “Present day”