Acrylic Paintings

These are some previous painting commissions I’ve worked on. If you are interested in commissioning a painting for yourself, please get in touch at

Jan 2013: My friend Caroline asked me to paint her this photo that one of her friends took of Plymouth Harbour. The final piece is a 50 x 60 cm Acrylic painting.

Nov 2013: Another friend (also into harbours!) asked me to do this one – you can tell my style has changed a lot since 2013, I used to be more rigid and stick within the lines but I’ve loosened up a bit now.

Feb 2014: This one was not technically a commission – my boyfriend asked me to do a painting for him and I liked the view from his old flat so much that I used a photo from my phone to paint this one for him.

July 2014: My friends Anjali and Dom have been really supportive of my artistic endeavours and asked me to do one of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for them.

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