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Around about Easter time 2016  with the run up to the EU referendum in Britain I snapped out of half a lifetimes worth of disinterest, apathy, binge watching TV and focus on myself as an individual, and actually started paying attention to politics and the world around me. My essay One way to stop being a neoliberal employee describes how that happened, my thoughts on mental health  and the four traps in thinking about the future I think we are all stuck in at the moment that keep us apathetic and/or depressed, and what I want to do to help create a different story for the future.

Congratulations EU Referendum, you’ve got me politically engaged for the first time in my life and now I’m a concerened housewife on the rampage was the first political  post I wrote while I was wrestling with which way to vote. Because they (the political establishment, media, experts etc) were hammering the economic case to remain so hard I started thinking about economics and couldn’t help but noticing the uselessness of it for describing actual human behaviour, and its shortcomings when dealing with disruptive technology of which with robotics, renewable energy and the internet there seems to be a lot around right now.  I describe my reasoning for thinking there will be another economic crash unless there is a major shift away from neoliberalism and its embedding of competition into everything.

Written post the Brexit vote Brexit and the Law of Immigration covers my thoughts on immigration as an immigrant who’s life has just become more temporary with the passing of the vote. It outlines what I think should be done to genuinely reduce immigration by giving people the freedom to stay where they are and invest in their community, and what will actually cynically be done to no real effect.

I wrote to CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) with my ideas around Energy policy and how as building engineers we could try this method to convince clients to install renewable energy, as the Cost Benefit approach is fairly nonsensical when it comes to disruptive technologies- especially ones that allow for infinite supply like renewable energy.  They published this letter in their November 2016 issue.

In response to rising government debt and austerity polices I decided to do my bit and tackle consumer debt by writing and implementing a Consumer Austerity Budget. The only kind of austerity that will make you healthier and happier! A mini de-growth manifesto.

Left Wing/Right Wing or completely off piste?  This post lists my reading material in the 6 months since actually getting interested in the world around me, and how based on what I’ve been reading I’ve come to the conclusion that our so called ‘centre-right’ politics are nothing of the sort and that we’re no longer on the right-left continuum of politics but somewhere different with neoliberalism:

I don’t know if it was the stress of compartmentalising my life and acting in conflicting ways in each of my different roles (me the ‘consumer’ wants the best deal and will buy cheap mass produced meat that me the human being thinks is terrible for animal and human welfare, me the diligent ’employee’ will do something that me the human being thinks is a waste of time and vaguely unethical in ways I cannot put my finger on ) that caused  my repetitive strain injury in some kind of psychosomatic breakdown, but I can’t think it helped. To prevent it from happening again I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile as a protest against bullshit corporate jobs which implicitly require you to not think politically, which you can view here: Burning my corporate bridges

I live under what should be an emergency flight path in Brussels. In reality it is used increasingly regularly as the airport has been expanded and more routes added. Post Truth Politics, Trump and Airline travel is a rant against airline travel and the hypocritical ‘post-truth’ nature of our current society which Trump epitomises.

I’ve also written a piece on why I’ve left Facebook and Instagram, which was published in the Brussels Childbirth Trust magazine, and when trying to decide whether or not to have a second child a long piece concluding that my womb is on strike.  

I’ve since had to retract some of my womb is on strike rhetoric given I am currently pregnant (as of the end of 2018), and I’ve been focusing my writing and cartooning on climate change- mainly on the debate between individual and collective action and how I think they are connected. 

I am also fully in support of the current school strikes for climate (early 2019), and if it wasn’t for fracturing my stupid foot would be out there with them.

My latest pieces are on Lifestyle Carbon Emissions, which details the actions I need to take to reduce my carbon footprint so as to be compatible with only 1.5 degrees of global warming, and on climate doomerism and how I hope I am not guilty of it!

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