Leaving card

My daughter’s very nice substitute teacher is leaving as her real teacher is returning after a prolonged period of absence. She’s had this substitute teacher since the beginning of term and as this has been her first term of school, I think it’s going to be a bit unsettling. Tomorrow will be the leaving breakfastContinue reading “Leaving card”

Art Exhibition

8 years ago, when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, I started painting a lot. I had just moved to Brussels to live with my husband and wasn’t working because I was recovering from repetitive strain injury in my arms that I got from my job as a Sustainability Consultant in London. I foundContinue reading “Art Exhibition”

How do you tell your children about climate change?

This cartoon of my daughter aged 7 is basically a revamp of an earlier cartoon I drew when she was 4: Her reactions have not changed in that time, she is still very sensitive and prone to dramatic meltdowns about the smallest of things, and I still haven’t had a talk with her or herContinue reading “How do you tell your children about climate change?”


For the Autumn half term holiday, we went to a family friendly hotel in Willingen, Germany which is a four-hour drive from our house in Brussels. We left the day after the girls had participated in a Halloween trick or treat parade round our neighbourhood (so the three-year-old had had sweets for the first timeContinue reading “Willingen”

A day under a flight path..

I’ve written about this many times before, but we live under a so-called emergency flight path that should only be used when there is a North wind above a certain strength. Unfortunately, it’s often in use much more than that, and the only way to describe how it feels when it is in use aboveContinue reading “A day under a flight path..”

Summer 2022

Summer already feels like a lifetime ago, but here is my cartoon recap of our 3-week mini tour of the UK to see friends and family. My memories of it are a bit marred by the fact we caught Covid at some point near the end of the holiday, and we did end up spendingContinue reading “Summer 2022”

Covid with kids

Covid finally got us, two and a half years into this bloody pandemic. 2 days after returning from England for our summer holiday I started feeling more tired than usual (hard to judge when you have two small children and feel constantly tired anyway) and had a slight sore throat. I’m not sure whether IContinue reading “Covid with kids”