View from the terrace in Brussels

Yesterday was beautiful here in Brussels so I sat out on the terrace and tried to draw the view. I really need to get another scanner because photographing my postcards with my iphone isn’t working terribly well (yes I am going to blame my tools and not my rather dubious water colour skills!) , butContinue reading “View from the terrace in Brussels”

Philosopher artist – Magritte

They have a permanent Magritte exhibition on in Brussels which i can really recommend seeing (although if you ¬†don’t understand french or flemish I would get the audio guide because you miss a lot not knowing what his quotes mean! ) . I love his ‘THIS IS NOT A PIPE’ painting and the titles thatContinue reading “Philosopher artist – Magritte”

The Challenge Begins…

Yesterday I was somewhat hungover and so I have only started on my 2014 ARTATHON challenge to paint 365 watercolour postcards today… For the first two waterolour postcards of the year I’ve painted my friends view from his terrace of the backstreets of Flagey in Brussels: I’ve got a few themes of postcards that IContinue reading “The Challenge Begins…”