A day making copies… and one original Skull

I’ve decided to ease my way back into my artathon by copying a few paintings from other artists. A painting by Maurice Gollota called ‘Colourful Life’ caught my eye while I was in Australia watching the Block, (a home renovation show that is MASSIVE out there) and so I tried to copy that one, and I’ve doneContinue reading “A day making copies… and one original Skull”

Do over day… (copying more masterpieces)

There have been a few postcards that I’ve done for my artathon (sponsor me here! ) that I haven’t been entirely satisfied with, so today I’ve done some replacement ones that I’ve copied from some of my favourite painters – Picasso, Hockney , Derain, and Rousseau.  I’m up to 81 postcards out of 365 now, whoop!

Hockneys Pictures

I bought the book ‘Hockney’s Pictures’ published by Thames&Hudson last year and its BEAUTIFUL. Looking at the pictures gives me that deep contented feeling and I love some of his quotes about art e.g. ‘ I have always believed that art should be a deep pleasure. I think there is a contradiction in an artContinue reading “Hockneys Pictures”