I’ve lived in Belgium for nearly 15 years of my life now, so thought I would do a gallery retrospective of all my paintings and watercolour postcards of Belgium: Acrylic paintings: Brussels watercolour and ink postcards 10x15cm: Before we had kids my husband and I lived in Ixelles near the Flagey ponds, so I didContinue reading “Belgium”

Ixelles, Brussels postcards – only 100 to go!!

I love the ponds in Ixelles and these are a few postcards I’ve done of the area from above. I’ve been monitoring the progress of the six cygnets that were born this summer in the top pond and are now nearly fully grown, they are so beautiful!

View from the terrace in Brussels

Yesterday was beautiful here in Brussels so I sat out on the terrace and tried to draw the view. I really need to get another scanner because photographing my postcards with my iphone isn’t working terribly well (yes I am going to blame my tools and not my rather dubious water colour skills!) , butContinue reading “View from the terrace in Brussels”