Future Detective

Our cartoon course assignment this week was to draw something in black and white with a detective, a crime, a motive and a clue. I’d read a tweet from @DoctorVive that said: ‘ok, climate twitter: if you were to create a TV miniseries that foregrounded climate change, what would it look like?’ earlier that dayContinue reading “Future Detective”

London lights

I’m going to London this weekend, and given I lived there for three years I thought I better do some postcards of the place. (I’m in a bit of an anti- London rut at the moment. I used to love the city, and I do still love walking over London bridge and walking through RichmondContinue reading “London lights”

This morning I have mostly been .. making a London splotch

I wanted to blow up part of postcard 17 of London into a larger watercolour, and this is the result. I like the abstract pattern I’ve made of the buildings, but i think I should stick to acrylics when I do big paintings! (I also later decided I wanted to update postcard 17 because iContinue reading “This morning I have mostly been .. making a London splotch”