Pantomiming while pregnant..

I am exhaustipated! The pantomime I’m in was on over the weekend (5 shows in 3 days) and I think I am only just recovering after all the excitement. It was amazingly good fun, especially after having been part of the writing process as well, and now I miss everyone dearly. If you’d like to getContinue reading “Pantomiming while pregnant..”


Growl! I’m feeling a little bit unchristmassy this evening because I’ve been away in England for a week and its made my arms worse again… Well not really bad, they are just knackered, they feel like your legs feel the day after doing a massive run , all tight and painful to move. I thinkContinue reading “Bah HUMBUG!!!”

Cartoon of the Week.. PANTO TIME!!

I’m playing Jill in the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk which is happening THIS WEEK. Eeek. I haven’t been on stage in 6 years, I am terrified!! But rehearsals have been fun.. If you are in Belgium and fancy coming along tickets can be purchased here: