Should we have a second child?

Our first child was the result of an accidental pregnancy 6 months into knowing each other, so the deliberation phase went: ‘OHHHHHHHmygodthisisallgoingfasterthanithoughitwouldbutweloveeachothersoyesletsdothis’. She arrived 3 weeks early and it felt like she wanted to be born, that she had to be part of our lives. She’s a hilarious weirdo with a penchant for stripping andContinue reading “Should we have a second child?”

Fielding advice on pregnancy and parenting

There is so much advice and information out there on pregnancy, labour and parenting that it is overwhelming, and everybody has a different opinion. Cue brain meltdown if you try to listen to it all, so I’m going for a state of blissful impartiality and procrastination over decision making on every subject instead.