Diary of a Housewife

I’ve recently been through all my old ‘Diary of Housewife’ cartoons and re-scanned and edited them so they look better on screen. You can see them all in my cartoon gallery here.  I’ve also been drawing a few more cartoons for the same series based on my experiences of my second pregnancy….

Belly polishing

I got given some Neal’s Yard Remedies Mothers Balm for Christmas -it’s a 100% blend of oils and beeswax to nourish and prevent stretch marks, and I’m not sure if it’s having any effect on the stretch marks or not but the shine it produces on my bump is amazing! You can practically see yourContinue reading “Belly polishing”

Third trimester blues

I’m struggling with my pregnancy more now that I’ve past the 32 week mark. I’m feeling nauseas again (doctor says its probably because of the reduced space for my stomach and digestive system) and I’m tired all the time which is very frustrating when I want to get things done before the baby arrives. Urgh…Continue reading “Third trimester blues”

Unforeseen pleasures and downsides of being pregnant

I didn’t really think that much about what being pregnant would be like before I got pregnant but I suppose I had a general idea in my head that it must be amazing to be carrying a new life inside of you and to feel the baby kick and also somewhat of an ordeal givenContinue reading “Unforeseen pleasures and downsides of being pregnant”