Italian summer

As our one return flight per year for our family (I’ve written numerous blog posts on flying less and how important it is to combat climate change) we booked a trip to Piedmont in Italy so we could go to a friends wedding.

It was absolutely beautiful there and this is my cartoon of the holiday:


If you like wine, 3 hour multiple course lunches and hilltop Italian villages with amazing views it is a wonderful place to go. It’s not so brilliant for toddlers who appreciate none of those things, but we managed to find some playgrounds and spend most afternoons in the pool which she loved.  However the flight and airport experience put me off flying even more. Brussels Airlines changed our booked flights a month after we booked so we flew in and out of different Milan airports at crap times and had to pay extra for car hire, there were ridiculous queues for baggage drop off and security, the plane was cramped, Brussels Airlines lost our car seat and got it back to us 5 days later broken, and we landed in to Brussels at midnight and found the airport absolutely heaving when it’s supposed to be illegal to land past 11pm because of noise EU rules on noise,  so I’m going to try to make next year a no fly zone.


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