Ecolo Mobility Proposals

I’ve been working on/redrawing some old cartoons to fit with Ecolo’s mobility proposals.

Ecolo is the French speaking Green party in Belgium which I voted for in the local elections last October, and which I joined earlier this year. They got in contact asking how involved I would like to be and I mentioned that I drew cartoons and would love to be quite active in the party but that my level of French was not that great. (Anyone reading this blog has probably noticed my disastrous English grammar, so you can imagine what I’m like in French).

One of their stagaires then wrote back to ask if I could draw some cartoons based around their mobility proposals which they could then help me to translate and would post on Ecolo’s Instagram account.

Drawing cars I find a bit of a struggle, but these are the cartoons I came up with to match with a number of their mobility proposals (English and French versions):

1.Ecolo propose to invest 7 billion, spread over 5 years, in the national train system, the Walloon and the Brussels public (respectively TEC and STIB) transport system to massively increase the number of public transport’s users, guarantee a sitting spot for each user, improve punctuality, extend schedules, propose new journeys and re-open closed stations.




2. Ecolo proposes to increase the frequency of buses and trams. In rural areas, develop unprecedented public initiatives of collective transport.


3. Ecolo proposes to define a ‘cyclist plan’ that include the development of ‘green corridors’ (particularly to reconnect the Brussels region to the other regions), free use of the rail station’s bicycle parking and free ticket for bicycles in trains

Ecolo Cycling


4. Ecolo proposes to replace tax incentives for salary-cars with a mobility budget for everyone

Ecolo Brussels salary cars




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