Messing around in the ‘studio’ with my daughter

In September 2018 we demolished our old asbestos ridden garage and turned it into a new half bikes & gardening stuff storage space half art studio for myself and our daughters.

Peach at 16 months old is a bit too young yet to do any painting, but because of the bonus half term week that Plum has had off school due to coronavirus we’ve been able to go into the ‘studio’ a lot together. I’d like to say this was relaxing and fun, and sometimes it is if she really get’s into doing her own thing, but I’m not sure creating art and doing childcare are activities that can be combined. I think until she’s older I’m just going to have to work on projects with her rather than try to create something of my own alongside her as I just can’t get into the zone otherwise and we both end up frustrated.

I tried working on a project idea to turn one of my dads Lake District photos into a painting (it’s obviously difficult to see my parents at the moment as we cannot travel to the UK with the coronavirus restrictions and I was hoping this would be a way to feel close to them and all the walks they do) but I need to redo it without Plum there to mix up all the acrylic paint colours!

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