One year on..

I haven’t been able to do much of anything recently because our youngest daughter had an ear infection, and then four days later the other daughter had two confirmed covid cases in her class and we had to quarantine until she could be tested (thankfully it was negative), and then two days after they’d both gone back our younger daughter’s creche registered two covid cases and closed for ten days, and then our older daughter got a cold and couldn’t go back to school anyway, so it’s been non-stop childcare and home schooling this month. And now due to the rising cases here, the Belgian government has decided to shut schools a week early for Easter. I’m feeling somewhat broken by it all, and like we are in almost exactly the same place as last year with only the faint light of the vaccine on the horizon, but even that light seems to get further away rather than closer as the roll out has been slow here and a new variant that doesn’t respond to the vaccine could take hold at any time… SIGH.

Anyway, looking at these self portraits that my daughter drew years ago when she was three has helped cheer me up somewhat.

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