Staying out of the sky

I started reducing my flights in 2016 to only one per year and I’ve been completely flightfree since August 2018. It’s obviously been easier to stick to since the coronavirus pandemic, but I’m looking forward to staying out of the sky next year too and hopefully being able to go on a night train adventure when our littlest turns 3 and no longer requires so much baby gear to travel (cot, high chair etc)!

The picture above is of myself and our youngest daughter standing in our garden when it’s a north wind and Brussels airport lands planes dangerously low over highly populated residential areas in Brussels using the runway ‘Piste 01’. Despite court orders and large fines having been imposed on the airport they continue to use this runway throughout the nights too (picture below).

Please remember every flight you take not only is the fastest way you as an individual can emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere the immediate noise and air pollution you are helping to generate with your flight is ruining thousands of people who live near airports lives.

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